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Experimental hall The experimental hall
Ref.: CERN-EX-0007007_01
Control Room The AD control room
Ref.: CERN-GE-9909011_05
AD Machine The machine
Ref.: CERN-AC-9809013_04
AD scena The machine


ATHENA The ATHENA antihydrogen experiment
Ref.: CERN-EX-0008009_01

ATRAP experiment
Ref.: CERN-EX-0006018_01

ATRAP Work on ATRAP experiment
Ref.: CERN-EX-0006003
ATRAP ATRAP layouts and images
Ref.: CERN-EX-0007009


Rolf Landua Rolf Landua
Ref.: CERN-GE-9904006_13
Physicist from ATHENA Physicists from ATHENA
Ref.: CERN-GE-9901016
Physicists from the 3 experments Physicists from all 3 experiments in AD experimental hall
Ref.: CERN-EX-0007007_01
Stephan Maury Stephan Maury, spokesman for the AD machine
Ref.: CERN-AC-9701025
Gerry Gabrielse, spokesman for the ATRAP experiment
Ref.: CERN-GE-0007017
Jun Sakaguchi Jun Sakaguchi, ASACUSA experiment, student of Tokyo University
Ref.: CERN-GE-0008004_01
John Eades John Eades (CERN) contact of the ASACUSA experiment
Ref.: CERN-GE-0008005
R.S. Hayano R.S. Hayano, Tokyo University, spokesman of ASACUSA experiment
Ref.: CERN-GE-0008001

Title image

Title Image

Title image:
Negative/positive galaxie (reworked photo)



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